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You’ve done the research and are ready to take the next step in getting the right sports content for your business, but how exactly do you go about it? Joe Hand Promotions may be the answer!

Joe Hand Promotions has been bringing fan communities together to watch sporting events for more than 50 years. We’ve helped businesses like yours present more than 25,000 events, all while boosting their food and beverage sales, expanding their customer base, and increasing their late-night revenues. To say it simply, we can help you succeed!

When working with JHP, it can be as easy as painting-by-numbers. You tell us what you need and we make it happen. The good news is that there is more content available to show in your bar than ever before and you will have your pick at dozens of different options that are best suited for your business and your clients.


Once you agree to order an event, we will assign you one of our experienced event consultants. They’ll get to know your venue and match you with the content package that fits your business goals. Whether you are trying to increase your Saturday night revenue, or looking to perk up your weekday lunch program, we have a content solution.

Your event consultant will learn about your audience. Who are your customers? Who would you like to be your customers? We’ll look at their demographics and find the content most likely to appeal to them. Leave it to us, and we will be able to help you solve a lot of your pain points.

To make the most of your pay-per-view event or subscription, you should order as far in advance as possible. You’ll want to take full advantage of all the marketing resources we offer that come with your investment. But the process of ordering the event itself is a snap. We can have your TV screens live in minutes, even on event day! Here are a few items to have handy when you call:

  • Your DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSsm or DISH Network account number
  • A copy of your Fire Code Occupancy certificate
  • Credit card

Returning customers can pay via our secure payment portal. The link will be sent directly to your email.


Once the event is purchased, your event consultant will identify the easiest way for your bar to get the signal. We’ll ask for a few details, such as what provider you use and the type of equipment available in your bar.

  1. Satellite: Give us your DirecTV or DISH account number, and we’ll do the rest. Keep an eye out for an email that will explain the testing procedure.
  2. Streaming: You give us the email address you’d like to use, and we’ll set you up with an account and password for the app or website showing the event. You’ll need an approved streaming device, such as a Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or laptop.
  3. Cable: Many systems no longer support premium events for commercial venues, and those that do often need at least a week’s notice. Please order well in advance.


Within 24 hours of the event, you’ll receive an email with all of the information you need to feel confident that event night will go off without a hitch. This handy reference sheet includes updated channel and schedule details, and most importantly, visual instructions to test your signal. If your TV screens match the pictures in the email, you’ll know everything is set.

You’ll want to be sure to test several hours in advance. If there is a transmission problem, we can usually resolve it very quickly. But it’s much easier and stress-free to do it before a crowd has gathered in your bar.
With the help of our time-tested best practices for activating watch parties, we’re certain you can turn a premium event night into a profitable venture. But the overall opportunity is much greater than having one great night.


This is a long-term marketing investment for your bar. Premium events are a powerful way to introduce your location to a new audience. They shouldn’t be looked at as a profit-driver exclusively on the day of the event. An initial upfront investment will bring in additional revenue over time, as you both establish your premium brand and maximize your engagement with the crowds these events bring into your venue. Our consumer research has shown that nearly nine out of ten fans who watch an event at a bar return on a non-event night within six months.

By consistently showing events, you’ll develop a reputation as the go-to place for viewing premium content in your community. This will put you in position to maximize your profits on the biggest, celebrity-driven events, because everyone will know you are showing them. Nearly two-thirds of bar viewers are loyal to a particular location once they’ve found a spot they prefer. That is a powerful source of repeatable revenue, as our surveys have shown that the average per-person spend during a standalone premium event is $40. The most common group size is between 3-5 people, so it adds up quickly.

These events are also a chance to cross-promote other special events. There is considerable overlap between fans of premium sporting events and other free-to-air content. We can help identify those opportunities based on the package that makes sense for you.

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