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The Global Leader in
Live Sports & Entertainment
for Bars, Restaurants, & Casinos!

We bring fan communities into bars, restaurants, casinos, & cinemas for unforgettable viewing experiences.

Why establishments work with us

Attract New demographics

By adding new and premium sports content to your television lineup, you can attract a diverse range of demographics to your establishment. Research indicates that the majority of MMA and boxing fans who watch outside their homes are from the Gen Z and Millennial generations.

Differentiate from competition

Staying on top of industry trends is imperative for all establishments. By offering premium live sports content, we can assist you in distinguishing yourself from your competitors to bring in more foot traffic and boost your bottom line.

Increase length of stay

We've collaborated with establishments to observe increased engagement during pay-per-view events or other essential sports content broadcasts. An overwhelming 87% of consumers agree that they are inclined to stay longer when they can watch their favorite team, league, or event on TV.

Increase Food & beverage receipts

According to our research, bars and restaurants experience a surge of over 100% in nighttime food receipts when broadcasting live pay-per-view events. Furthermore, 81% of consumers expressed a willingness to spend more on food and drinks if an establishment was airing their favorite team, league, or event on TV.

What we'll do for your business

89% of operators that host PPV events with Joe Hand Promotions, have stated this has helped increase sales & foot traffic.

Increase customer frequency by 33% when you show you broadcast their favorite team, league, or event.

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