Our ordering process only takes a few minutes. Establishments with satellite providers or streaming capabilities can order up until minutes before the event. 

Cable customers may face early deadlines on an event-by-event basis. 

Cable customers may face early deadlines on an event-by-event basis. ” and “Click to learn more about cable deadlines” is: “Cable subscribers must purchase their events prior to the cable activation deadline. The cable activation deadline is 5pm EST the Thursday before the scheduled event.

While there are discounts associated with content packs and subscriptions, you can certainly order one-time events.

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We can send most Pay-Per-View signals to DIRECTV or Dish Network receivers as most any cable provider. We also provide streaming options.

If you’re unsure, just talk to your representative and we’ll make sure you’re set up properly. 

Yes. After 50 years of event promotions, JHP has a proven promotional system can be customized to your concept

Our team will provide advice on how to market your events locally during your onboarding process. We also provide marketing assets that can be used in your establishment, website or social media platforms.

We do performance debriefs with our client after each event to ensure continued success.

Pricing varies based on your customized package, individual events or subscriptions as well as your location’s fire code occupancy, or estimated viewing occupancy.

We work with hospitality clients of types of businesses, from sports bars, pubs and taverns to casinos and cinemas. 

If you’re interested in working with Joe Hand Promotions, please follow this link to register.


Yes! You can purchase anything from single events to annual subscriptions.

Yes, our team is happy to explain the process of streaming our events in your venue.  Contact a Joe Hand Promotions representative for more information.

If you are aware of any bars showing JHP events without proper authorization, you can make an anonymous report through this form or by emailing

More information on piracy

There are no rules for a cover charge. It is up to you if you would like to charge a cover or not.

Once you buy the event, your bar will be automatically uploaded to the Joe Hand Promotions Bar Finder within a few days. If you do not see your bar on the finder, please contact your Joe Hand Promotions representative.