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Protecting the Octagon: The Legal and Ethical Reasons to Avoid Pirating UFC Pay-Per-View Events in Your Business

UFC Pay-Per-View events are the epitome of high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled showdowns that keep fans on the edge of their seats. For bar and restaurant owners, these marquee fights offer an incredible opportunity to not only draw a passionate crowd, but to also create an unrivaled fight night experience. However, behind the thrilling events, commercial establishments cannot just simply show the Pay-Per-View on their television. Commercial rights are required in order to avoid legal ramifications due to unauthorized broadcasting and content piracy.

Why Would Establishments Want to Show UFC Pay-Per-Views? 

As the demand for premium sports content continues to rise, UFC Pay-Per-Views have become a major draw for bars and restaurants looking to enhance their business. These establishments host UFC Pay-Per-View events for several compelling reasons, including:

  • Increase Revenue: Bars and restaurants benefit significantly from the surge in foot traffic during UFC events. Our data shows that UFC events can average more than a 60% increase in food and drink sales, and additional services like VIP watch parties, ultimately increasing overall revenue.
  • Increase Repeat Customers: UFC Pay-Per-Views create a unique social experience that turns sports fans into loyal patrons.
  • No Seasonality: While many sports operate on a seasonal basis, UFC has events each month. UFC events appeal to a broad audience, captivating both dedicated fans and newcomers year-round. This consistent influx of patrons diversifies the customer base, providing ample opportunities for establishing brand loyalty and fostering long-term patronage.

The Consequences of Illegally Showing UFC Pay-Per-View Events in Commercial Establishments

Bar and restaurant owners may face repercussions from sports organizations and broadcasters if they decide to show pirated sports content in their establishment. They include: 

  • Legal Consequences: Violating copyright laws by broadcasting unauthorized content can open up the establishment’s owners to legal consequences, leading to costly legal fees and even potential shutdown orders.
  • Financial Consequences: Illegal content piracy fines can have a serious impact on the establishment’s finances.
  • Social Consequences: Pirated content is known for being low-quality and notoriously unreliable. With poor resolution, long buffering times, and random interruptions, customers will quickly grow frustrated and take their business elsewhere. 

These repercussions can be incredibly damaging to a business’s reputation and financial stability. Is broadcasting low-quality, illegally pirated sports content worth the potential risk of permanently shutting the doors to your establishment? 

How To Legally Access UFC Pay-Per-View Events

By prioritizing legal and authorized content options, businesses can avoid the headaches associated with copyright infringements. Joe Hand Promotions has partnerships with top sports organizations, including the UFC, bringing exciting events to establishments nationwide. This allows bars, restaurants, casinos, and cinemas to show live sports and entertainment, building a loyal customer base.

Our Sales and Client Success Team works directly with businesses to create a content plan that meets their specific needs. This personalized approach not only improves the establishment’s offerings, but also increases revenue potential. After curating content, our team gives business owners the marketing materials to promote events and attract both new and existing customers. Ultimately, this will help keep guests engaged, drive business growth, and establish the venue as a prime destination for UFC and other premium sports events. 

About Joe Hand Promotions

We bring fan communities into bars, restaurants, casinos and cinemas for unforgettable viewing experiences. With our deep portfolio of live sports and entertainment content, we can amplify the experience you want to deliver your clientele. Our team will help you promote your premium sports content and special events to new and existing patrons, with a focus on maximizing retention and driving your business forward. Turn viewers into advocates, and visitors into loyal customers.

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