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How To Show UFC Pay-Per-Views In Your Bar: 4 Easy Steps

Introducing UFC Pay-Per-Views to a sports bar isn’t just about airing exciting fights; it’s a strategic move that can elevate local establishments in more ways than one. UFC events serve as a powerful tool for bar owners to drive foot traffic, boost revenue, and build a community of loyal regulars that return to the establishment time and time again. Unlike other sports with seasonality, UFC Pay-Per-Views provide a year-round opportunity to keep businesses buzzing with excitement. A partnership with Joe Hand Promotions allows bar owners to seamlessly access UFC Pay-Per-View events throughout the year and create new streams of revenue for their business.

Step 1: Partner With Joe Hand Promotions for Exclusive Access to UFC Pay-Per-Views

Start your journey to showcase top-tier premium UFC content by teaming up with Joe Hand Promotions. As UFC’s trusted partner, Joe Hand Promotions ensures you access to the most coveted fights and UFC Pay-Per-Views, setting your establishment apart from local competitors. The setup is seamless, quick, and unlocks a plethora of opportunities to drive traffic to your business. Elevate your sports bar experience with Joe Hand Promotions ā€“ where every fight night becomes extraordinary

Step 2: Utilize Our Marketing Materials to Promote Events

After partnering with Joe Hand Promotions, our team will provide you with a cutting edge digital marketing toolkit that helps you promote the UFC Pay-Per-Views. Not only will this help draw a crowd, it will also build anticipation for the events and help create an electric atmosphere on fight night. 

Businesses will also gain a dedicated marketing representative from Joe Hand Promotions to provide personalized guidance on aligning your campaigns with the best practices for hosting premium events. This invaluable partnership removes the need for business owners to be marketing professionals. Instead, it empowers them to effortlessly promote events to a broader audience, amplifying the impact of every UFC Pay-Per-View showcased at their establishment.

Step 3: Start Hosting Exclusive UFC Pay-Per-View Events

With the foundation laid through the Joe Hand Promotions partnership, businesses will be primed to kick off UFC Pay-Per-View events. Beyond simply airing the fights, creating an engaging fan environment is the key to maximizing the impact of these Pay-Per-Views. Think trivia nights, private watch parties, pre-game specials, and more! These elements will enhance the overall experience, making UFC Pay-Per-Views exciting and memorable occasions. While the fights themselves naturally drive revenue, business owners can elevate the experience and magnify their impact by curating a vibrant and interactive atmosphere for patrons to enjoy. Ultimately, bar owners will want to create an experience that will keep customers returning for fight after fight. 

Step 4: Build a Community of Returning UFC Fans

UFC fans are some of the most dedicated fans in sports. They relish every Pay-Per-View and thrive on the collective excitement of the UFC community. With a Joe Hand Promotions partnership, your establishment has the potential to become the epicenter for local UFC enthusiasts. As fans gather on event nights, the camaraderie formed within your venue will transform into a community of loyal patrons.

This relationship with the UFC community will extend beyond fight nights, ensuring a steady stream of business driven by the enduring loyalty of your regular patrons. By fostering this sense of community, your establishment can become the go-to spot, drawing UFC fans back time and again.

About Joe Hand Promotions

We bring fan communities into bars, restaurants, casinos and cinemas for unforgettable viewing experiences. With our deep portfolio of live sports and entertainment content, we can amplify the experience you want to deliver your clientele. Our team will help you promote your premium sports content and special events to new and existing patrons, with a focus on maximizing retention and driving your business forward. Turn viewers into advocates, and visitors into loyal customers.

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