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At Joe Hand Promotions we encourage you to step into practicing new ways of packing your bar and hopefully we can be the answer to some of your bar and restaurant needs. Events such as PPV events will be a unique asset at your bar.

PPV events are an exciting way to bring in fans who instead of buying this event on their home TVs, would rather spend time at your bar spending money on your food and drink offerings. We also know that fans would most likely not come to your bar alone, but would come with friends which in turn helps create a crowd of fans at your bar with the same interests. We know there are often concerning questions such as:

How can I get repeat traffic?

What can I do to make up for the sport off-season?

How can I get customers to want to spend money at my bar?

We want to help with those concerns by showing the positive effect that PPV events will have all year round at your bar. This can create a loyal fan base who wants to come to your bar to watch their favorite events throughout the year.


We don’t see an “off-season” with PPV events like we do in traditional sports. One advantage with PPV events is that you can expect events to pop up all throughout the year. With that, you don’t have to worry about the lengthy months between one league’s schedule ending and another beginning. This leads to consistency in your events and consistency in the crowds you bring in.

We have exclusive access to content from UFC, ESPN+ for Business, Showtime Championship Boxing, WWE and many more events which are uniquely positioned to help your restaurant bring in the crowds. You may be asking yourself, “Why are these niche sports going to make an impact on my customer retention?” There are various reasons as to why the audience of these niche sports will stay longer, be loyal, and offer more opportunity for your bar.

First, the viewing time for combat sports such as some UFC, Boxing and WWE events can be 4 hours long. This keeps fan groups in your bar for a longer period as well as having customers in and out your front door to catch a glimpse of the event for more hours than the traditional event time. New opportunities come from the young crowds these events will attract, with the highest percentage of fans visiting bars and restaurants to be in the 19-39 age range, and the high percentage of fans that return at least once to the same restaurant on a non-event night. These fans have money to spend, based on data, more than half of our fans have a household income greater than $70,000. Not only do they have money to spend, but our fans also spend more on average and have proven to spend an average of $40 per person during an event.

These stats have proven to us that combat sports fans are exactly who you want to attract to your bar, and we are confident in saying that PPV events can get you the answers to your questions.


Your bar can use PPV events as a chance to get the word out on other events you will be hosting or showing. A loyal sport fan is usually a big fan of most other traditional sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA basketball. Expecting that you will have a new fan base at your bar for the PPV events, this is your chance to convince them to come back for other events that they might not know about, and they may find interest in. So, take your shot in scoring these sports fans for the other sporting events at your bar! Of course, this is also a chance to promote your next PPV event which again, shows your bar’s consistency and brings back loyal customers who hopefully turn into your “regulars.” We also want to provide you with a tactic you can use in your bar to get the word out about your planned events. We suggest considering taking down current event posters after the fans have arrived at your watch party then, replacing those with advertisements for upcoming events. This is a good way to catch fans’ interests and be proactive when it comes to promoting events. Remember, consistency is key, and it is never too early to spread the word for your bar events!


Like we previously mentioned, fans enjoy coming to your bar to spend money on food and drink offerings as opposed to spending their money to purchase the live event. PPV fans will come out to your bar ready to drink and eat while watching the 4-hour long event with their groups of friends. The length of this event is key for food and beverage sales. Think about it, this means that fans will be ordering drinks and food for a longer amount of time than your normal customer. Focus on using PPV events as a means to boost food and beverage sales. This can be executed through fun promotions that relate to the event on the TV. Having specials that relate to what is going on during the event will not only bring the exciting atmosphere up a notch, but it will also bring more sales in.

PPV is one of the many ways we can help you create a unique experience at your bar that customers will love. Customers will see the differentiation with your bar to others and want to continue visiting.

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