How Live Sports Piracy Can Negatively Impact Your Business

With all the streaming services around today, catching live sports events without breaking the bank can be a struggle for fans. This creates an opportunity for commercial establishments — sports bars, restaurants, casinos, and cinemas — to capture the demand. 

In order for commercial establishments to offer live sports content, they are required to partner with authorized content partners such as Joe Hand Promotions. However, in a digital era where convenience is at the forefront, live-sports piracy and copyright infringement is a problem that can leave unwitting bar owners open to fines and penalties. 

Showing Illegal Content Can Negatively Impact Your Bottom Line

Using illegal content piracy sites for businesses can really hurt the bottom line. Those who get caught can face hefty fines, ranging up to a whopping $100,000. 

While the focus often lies on those who host illegal content piracy sites, it is important to note that individuals or businesses involved in showing pirated content also face substantial consequences. If businesses engage in unauthorized broadcasting of sports content, they’re violating intellectual property laws, and the fines can hit hard. 

Broadcasters are Cracking Down and Taking Legal Action More than Ever Before

Broadcasters collaborate with anti-piracy organizations, content protection agencies, and law enforcement agencies to enhance their efforts in combating online piracy. 

Broadcasters often employ advanced technologies and techniques to monitor unauthorized distribution channels. They actively track and identify sources of illegal viewership, including websites, social media platforms, and other online platforms that facilitate the unauthorized dissemination of sports content. By identifying and targeting these sources, broadcasters can then take legal action against them to prevent further piracy.

Showing Illegal Content Can Lead to Customer Frustration

Another drawback of illegal content piracy is the low-quality content. As a business, when relying on illegal content piracy sites, it becomes challenging to control the quality of the content. Often, the content has poor resolution, long buffering times, and random interruptions during the most crucial moments – it’s a recipe for customer frustration and dissatisfaction. 

In a world where fans can easily leave negative comments or reviews on social media pages, does the long term risk outweigh the short term “reward”?

How To Partner with Joe Hand Promotions to Legally Offer Live Sports in Your Establishment

To dodge all the frustration, businesses must play it smart. Prioritize legal and authorized content options, get the proper licenses and permissions sorted, stay on the right side of copyright laws, and support the sports broadcasting scene. 

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