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A few months back, Hooters of West Springfield, MA, shared with us a photo featuring one of the Hooters girls posing with a UFC championship belt. It’s a great photo, and like they do for every UFC fight, Hooters posted the photo on their social media sites to promote their UFC pay-per-view event.

While we were admiring the picture, somebody in the office commented, “What a minute. Those belts are expensive, and they’re hard to get. How did they get one?”

After a few minutes and feeling a bit foolish, it hit us. It was one of our items included in our free promotional kits mailed to our customers for their pay-per-view fight. The belts are made of thick cardboard and look great, but even we were surprised how realistic they looked in the photo.

“The belt is always a big hit in the bar!” Donzo’s Bar and Grill, Wood River, IL, told us while sharing their photo on our Facebook page.


The UFC championship belt is just one of many tools our customers can use to help promote UFC pay-per-view events for their business. Our free UFC promotional kits always include 10 posters, which might be the most important promotional tool of all.

In a recent focus group, we learned the No. 1 reason fans hear about the fights is seeing posters during previous visits to bars and restaurants. And if they already know about the fights, the posters are always a great reminder.

Along with the posters, each free UFC promotional kit usually includes various UFC items, such as table tents, buttons, coasters or other items that help promote your UFC pay-per-view event. The promotional kits reach our customers weeks in advance of the fight, leaving plenty of time to promote the event. And if you need poster artwork right away, it’s always available on our website.


Guaranteeing a profitable UFC event takes more than purchasing a UFC commercial license from us. A few promotional ideas we like to share with our customers include:

● Add the free monthly UFC events to your sports package, even if it’s just one TV. You can find UFC programming on FOX, FX and FUEL TV. Starting Aug. 17, the UFC will debut on the new FOX Sports 1 channel. The free programs
help build your audience for the pay-per-view events.

● Contact your beer and liquor representatives for giveaway items or sponsorship opportunities.

● Promote your UFC events with email campaigns and newsletters. Both keep patrons informed of promotions and upcoming events.

● Utilize free social media sites to promote your UFC event. Post photos and posters and have employees tag or share with friends. It’ll help spread the word that you’ll be carrying UFC events.

● Create a unique menu with drink specials and appetizers with UFC themes, such as Submission, Knockout or Tap-Out specials. You can find a glossary of UFC terms here.

● Pay early and get listed on UFC and Joe Hand Promotions “Bar Finder” websites. Let fans know your bar is showing the fight.

● Run a “Pick the Winners” contest using gift cards for you venue as prizes.

The above are just a few suggestions to help promote a UFC event for your business. If you’d like more information, contact one of our sales reps at 1-800-557-4263, or email They’ll be happy to map out a UFC program that will fit your business needs.

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