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Joe Hand Promotions is the nation’s leader in out-of-home sports and entertainment. We help enhance the customer experience in commercial venues by providing them with more than 2,000 sports and entertainment broadcasts per year. When commercial locations host these events, the venues dramatically increase food and beverage sales, expand their customer bases and boost daytime & late-night revenues.

The relationships Joe Hand Promotions have with some of the most well known brands in sports and entertainment give us exclusive content rights that fans search for out of home. Our partners include some of the largest sports and media companies in the world like the UFC, Disney/ESPN+, WWE, DAZN, AEW and many more.


Joe Hand Sr. began his professional career as a Philadelphia Police Detective, but always had an eye and passion for sports, particularly boxing. In 1967, Mr. Hand became a charter member of Cloverlay Corporation, the organization that helped guide Joe Frazier to the heavyweight championship.

Mr. Hand became intrigued by the prospect of forming his own company specializing in sports promotions, and did so with his family in 1971, launching Joe Hand Promotions from a row home in Northeast Philadelphia.