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UFC Pay-Per-View events are a constant draw in the commercial sports industry, delivering year-round excitement. Partnering with Joe Hand Promotions for UFC PPVs ensures your establishment has high-energy content to offer, attracting a dedicated fan base with no seasonal lulls. From increased foot traffic and extended dwell times to driving food and beverage sales with event specials, this article will provide practical tips to maximize each benefit.

1. Increased Foot Traffic

Hosting UFC events is a surefire way to elevate your establishment into a prime destination for sports enthusiasts. By showcasing UFC Pay-Per-Views in your bar or restaurant, you can become a magnet for dedicated UFC fans, and increase foot traffic for your business. The allure of watching UFC in a vibrant setting could make your venue the go-to spot for those seeking an unforgettable experience.
What’s more, UFC events bring in a diverse crowd, including patrons who may not typically frequent your establishment. The draw of witnessing their favorite fighters in action will compel new faces to step through your doors, creating an influx of curious customers. This presents the opportunity to showcase your establishment’s offerings and turn one-time visitors into repeat patrons. With UFC Pay-Per-Views, your establishment can become the ultimate destination for fans looking to catch all the action in one electrifying setting.

2. Increased Dwell Times

With the excitement of every fight, UFC Pay-Per-Views ensure patrons stay longer in your establishment. The live, multi-fight format—from prelims to the main event—creates an immersive experience that encourages extended stays. As customers settle in to enjoy each bout, the social nature of UFC events will further contribute to longer dwell times. Friends and groups will gather to share the excitement, fostering a sense of camaraderie that enhances the overall experience. Ultimately, increased dwell times will lead to larger check values for your establishment.

3. Drive Food & Beverage Sales With Event Specials

Hosting UFC events at your establishment can create a dynamic atmosphere and entice patrons to stay engaged throughout each fight. This continuous excitement will naturally lead to increased food and beverage sales, as customers are compelled to order more throughout the night. Bars and restaurants can take it a step further by introducing specials during UFC prelims to encourage early arrivals and ensure a seamless blend of delicious offerings with the action-packed entertainment. By aligning your menu specials with the flow of the fights, you can boost sales all while establishing your business as the go-to destination for UFC enthusiasts on fight nights.

4. Boost Sales on Saturday Nights

UFC events can elevate your weekend business with the exhilarating buzz of late-night fights. The action-packed nature of these events naturally helps to pack your bar, which is a golden opportunity for bar and restaurant owners.
During the post-dinner slow down, you can position your venue as the ultimate destination for UFC Pay-Per-Views. This savvy move can significantly bolster your sales ensuring sustained profitability and a dynamic atmosphere.

5. Leverage New Revenue Streams

UFC events offer a prime opportunity for bars and restaurants to tap into fresh revenue streams. Beyond the thrill of the fights, businesses can leverage the passionate UFC fan base by introducing VIP packages, hosting private parties, and creating exclusive experiences. This can help transform your venue into the ultimate destination for UFC Pay-Per-Views, and establishes your business as a hub for exclusive, revenue-boosting opportunities.

Promoting Your UFC Events

When you partner with Joe Hand Promotions, you will get access to all of the marketing materials you need to promote UFC events in your establishment. Beyond content, Joe Hand Promotions offers expert insights and a proven track record in helping bars and restaurants successfully promote UFC events.
Our personalized event support is designed to align seamlessly with your establishment’s unique brand, ensuring exposure and attracting a broader audience. Additionally, a partnership with Joe Hand Promotions allows you to tap into effective strategies that generate buzz and reach potential patrons. Our approach goes beyond the standard, contributing to the overall success of your UFC events and creating memorable experiences for your patrons.

About Joe Hand Promotions

We bring fan communities into bars, restaurants, casinos and cinemas for unforgettable viewing experiences. With our deep portfolio of live sports and entertainment content, we can amplify the experience you want to deliver your clientele. Our team will help you promote your sports content and watch parties to new and existing patrons, with a focus on maximizing retention and driving your business forward.

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