Cost of UFC for Your Business

When it comes to buying UFC for your business, there is no set fee. The cost of pay-per-view UFC events for bars, restaurants, casinos and other commercial establishments can vary depending on their size. Usually, rates are based on a Fire Occupancy Certificate. The cost for a bar or restaurant that holds 50 patrons will differ with one that holds 500. 

Also, keep in mind that residential pricing is only valid for private household accounts. Commercial businesses or other public viewing locations are subject to a UFC commercial license that must be purchased through Joe Hand Promotions. Without a UFC commercial license, an establishment can be subjected to pay-per-view piracy laws.

Cost of UFC for Business - UFC Fighters

JHP Supports Your Investment

When ordering pay-per-view events through Joe Hand Promotions, you’re buying more than a UFC commercial license. JHP customers receive the “white glove” treatment that helps ensure the cost of buying UFC turns into a solid investment. 

When buying a UFC commercial license from Joe Hand Promotions, each customer receives:

  • Their own personal sales representative for customer support, even on Fight Night.
  • Free promotional materials, such as posters and other UFC items. Free listing on and websites as an authorized UFC  venue.
  • Free artwork you can download from our website.
  • Promotional tips and live chat support to make sure your UFC investment pays off.

Over the past few years, we have seen our customer base grow dramatically. Our customers come back month after month because of the huge fan base that supports the UFC.  The feedback we receive states that the UFC fans spend money and come back month after month. They tell us the cost of purchasing UFC commercial license is a solid investment.  

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Cost of UFC Pays Off

We’ve also heard from many customers questioning the cost of buying UFC for their business. They’re worried they won’t see a return on their investment. It’s a concern Joe Hand Promotions takes very seriously and addresses it by providing as many tools as possible to ensure a successful UFC night.

“The investment is definitely worth it,” said Kevin Duffy, general manager at McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon in San Diego. “Sales generally increase upwards of 30% compared to a Saturday night without a fight card. It’s easy to setup, easy to pay, and Joe Hand Promotions makes everything very easy to make sure the fight goes off without any problems.”

Success Showing the UFC

Our job is to make sure bars and restaurants make money. Joe Hand Promotions can only be successful if our UFC customers enjoy the benefits. We’re happy to report we’ve heard from thousands of customers relaying their success stories to us. You can read exactly what they're saying on our testimonials page.

Over the next few months, the UFC will present very exciting upcoming UFC events and pay-per-view fight cards that will attract UFC  fans to your business. If you’ve been thinking about benefiting from purchasing a UFC commercial license, now is the time to  contact Joe Hand Promotions. Call us at 1-800-557-4263, or email for more information. We look forward to setting up a UFC program for your business.

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