UFC 263 Streaming Instructions

UFC 263 Streaming Instructions

Thank you for choosing to stream UFC 263 on Saturday, June 12. To ensure your best experience, please follow these steps below. If you are using a Roku device, click here.

1.) Log out of your UFC account (app or website)

If your account is still logged in from the last event, please log out before doing anything else. Your new activation will not go through if you remain signed in.

2.) Sign back in with your username and password

Your username is the email(s) you have given to Joe Hand Promotions. Unless you’ve changed it, your password should be joehand1.

3.) Test your stream as soon as possible

Your account should be activated already, but we urge you to test it as soon as possible. You can test now until the start of the event. You will know you are activated when you can play the LIVE Fight Pass 24/7 video. Use this feed to test your AV setup.

See screen examples below.

No padlock? You are ACTIVATED!
No padlock? You are ACTIVATED!
Padlock? You are NOT ACTIVATED! Call JHP immediately.
Padlock? You are NOT ACTIVATED!
Call JHP immediately at 1-800-557-4263

Please note: If payment is not received by Friday at 12 p.m. ET, your account will be deactivated and you will need to use a backup account.

Click here for more detailed instructions on streaming setups and best practices!

Click here for special instructions for ROKU users!

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