UFC 249 not available for commercial venues. Marketing assets to support takeout/delivery.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the mandated closure of many of our bar and restaurant partners, UFC 249 will not be made available for commercial purchase. No one will be charged for this event and all subscriptions remain paused. We encourage you to use UFC 249 and other UFC events this month to drive takeout and delivery orders at your location, if you’re open in that capacity. UFC will be supporting those efforts on social media all week by asking fans to visit the Bar Finder and support their favorite local bar by ordering takeout on Saturday.

We’ve also put together a marketing plan to help those bars who will be promoting takeout for UFC 249:

  • Digital artwork: Use these custom social media images to advertise that you will be open for carryout and delivery for UFC 249!

  • Social media cheat sheet: Copy and paste these posts to your social accounts to let your customers know where to get their favorite food for UFC 249!
  • UFC 249 Pick’em: Stick one of these sheets in every takeout pack to give fans the best watch party experience at home.
  • UFC 249 style guide: Download all of the event artwork.
  • UFC 249 video promo: Link to this teaser video on your social accounts.

Our thoughts are with everyone in the hospitality industry during these difficult times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of service in any way. You can reach us at customerfirst@joehandpromotions.com or 1-800-557-4263.

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