5 Reasons to Get Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva This Weekend

Paul vs Silva is this Saturday, October 29th and here’s why you should be purchasing this event for your establishment.

Jake Paul has a massive following

Let’s face it, Jake Paul is two things: a social media star and a boxer. With an enormous following of 30M, he also brings in a wide demographic. Most people ages 18-34 at least know of Jake Paul and many would look for somewhere to watch for pure entertainment.

Anderson Silva is a former UFC Middleweight Champion

Since Silva is a bit older than Paul, he brings in an entirely different demographic, most importantly UFC fans. Anderson Silva holds the record for the longest title reign in UFC history. True UFC fans will want somewhere to watch the Anderson Silva card as well as Uriah Hall, former UFC contender.

Le’Veon Bell brings an NFL audience

Le’Veon Bell is a former NFL running back who is making a boxing debut this weekend. NFL fans will be looking for a spot to watch his sporting career continue.

SHOWTIME Boxing Brings Diehard Boxing Fans

Most diehard boxing fans won’t pass up a SHOWTIME match, especially if it is playing at their local bar.

These five reasons to purchase the event this weekend are only a few different demographics that will be looking for a spot to watch. If you are going to purchase a boxing event, this should be the one!