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This year, the Ultimate Fighting Championship scheduled no less than 35 events, including 14 pay-per-view championship events. And like past years, DirecTV will carry all UFC pay-per-view fights for their residential customers and, with the help of Joe Hand Promotions, provide the signal for thousands of commercial establishments throughout the country. Plus, UFC on DirecTV includes many free UFC events, such as Fight Night specials and replays, for both residential and commercial customers.

UFC Pay-Per-View for Residential Customers

For residential customers, ordering pay-per-view UFC on DirecTV is as easy as texting.  Order from anywhere by texting “SPORTS” to 223-322 and follow the prompts. Also, you can find other options to order pay-per-view DirecTV UFC fights on their website. Residential cost is $54.95 for high definition (Channel 123) and $44.95 for standard (Channel 124). 

If you’d rather join friends at a local sports bar or restaurant hosting UFC pay-per-view fights, visit our  Venue Search tool. Just type in a zip code or city and you’ll find the nearest sports bar authorized to show UFC pay-per-view fights. You’ll also be able to share the results with friends on Facebook.

UFC Pay-Per-View for Commercial Customers 

Since 2001, Joe Hand Promotions has been the exclusive commercial distributor for the UFC.  If you’re a sports bar, restaurant or any other commercial establishment, you can order pay-per-view UFC on DirecTV by contacting Joe Hand Promotions through our website or by phone at 1-800-557-4263. Commercial rights for broadcasting UFC pay-per-view events cannot be obtained directly from DirecTV. It must be purchased through Joe Hand Promotions. Any other way is illegal and falls under federal piracy laws.

Unlike a residential purchase, there’s  no set fee for commercial customers buying the UFC on DirecTV. Cost depends on the size of the viewing area and the establishment’s Fire Occupancy Certificate. Please note that if you have a past due balance with DirecTV, they will not authorize you for a pay-per-view event. You can reach DirecTV’s customer service at (888) 200-4388.

Currently, Joe Hand Promotions is helping thousands of commercial customers drive traffic to their establishment with  bar marketing ideas and free promotional kits for UFC pay-per-view fights on DirecTV. To order a UFC pay-per-view fight, contact Joe Hand Promotions.

Other UFC Fights: Residential & Commercial Customers

There’s more than pay-per-view UFC on DirecTV, especially since the UFC and Fox Sports Media Group agreed on a seven-year rights agreement back in 2011.  Free events can be seen on a weekly basis on Fox, Fox Sports 1 (Channel 219 HD/SD) and Fox Sports 2 (Channel 618 HD/SD), including The Ultimate Fighter, the longest-running sports reality show on television. To find your local Fox channel on DirecTV, visit their channel guide.

As a tip for commercial customers, Joe Hand Promotions encourages commercial establishments to dedicate at least one television to the free UFC events to help build their customer base for pay-per-view events. Free programs include the pay-per-view preliminary fights usually televised on Fox Sports 1 prior to the main event.

You can visit the  Joe Hand Promotions Event Page for a full UFC broadcast schedule and view DirecTV’s sports listings for more information.

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