Not a Bar?

Not a Problem.

When it comes to buying UFC for your business, there is no set fee. The cost of UFC Pay-Per-View events for bars, restaurants, casinos and other commercial establishments can vary depending on their size. Usually, rates are based on a Fire Occupancy Certificate. The cost for a bar or restaurant that holds 50 patrons will differ with one that holds 500.

We understand, however, that not every place with a commercial television account is a bar or restaurant. Many of those accounts belong to small businesses, private offices, or convenience stores. What about them?

Although residential pricing is only valid for private household accounts, there are options available to bring UFC Pay-Per-Views to these types of commercial or business venues. Call Joe Hand Promotions at 1-800-557-4263 or email and ask to speak to a rep about our “Not a Bar” pricing.

Joe Hand Promotions partners with many non-traditional venues to show UFC Pay-Per-Views. Private yacht? Chartered jet? Tour bus? We’ve set up broadcasts in all of those places. Any place with a receiver or streaming device will work.

Here are some other types of non-bar locations we’ve worked with to provide UFC Pay-Per-View programming (links when applicable):

  • VFWs
  • Firehouses
  • Oil rigs
  • College campuses
  • Casinos
  • Cruise ships
  • Military bases
  • Church halls
  • Movie theaters
  • Private offices
  • Grocery stores
  • Vape shops