College Event Ideas: UFC fights

Looking for that unique college event that’ll generate excitement and electrify your campus? Schedule an Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view event and you won’t be disappointed. UFC pay-per-view events always pack the house. Need proof? Just ask colleges that broadcast the UFC :

  • "UFC 172 was a memorable event at Western Oregon University! The folks with Joe Hand Promotions definitely made this event a success by checking in frequently and sending UFC materials to assist with the process. With this being the first UFC event hosted on campus, Western Oregon would be interested in hosting more events in the future. Thanks Joe Hand!" – Ekpeju Ed E-Nunu, Coordinator for Student Organizations & Activities | Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR                                                            
  • "By working with Joe Hand Promotions, we’ve been able to bring a unique and popular new event to our campus. Joe Hand Promotions offers incredible customer service and support before, during, and after events to make sure things run smoothly. I highly recommend using Joe Hand Promotions to show your next UFC fight on campus! Thanks!" – Claire Frisella, Graduate Assistant | Maryville University of Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
  • “Thank for your taking the time to work with us. It was a great event, we got a good turnout (30 plus students). They all enjoyed watching the fight on the big screen. We also had some cross promotion where we set up video game consoles playing the latest UFC games. We also enjoyed the advertising materials, and have set them up to advertise for the next event. We look forward to working with you again in the fall." Shawn Remek | Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
  • "Hello Jim. I just wanted to formally thank you for all your help in the organization of the UFC Fight Night Marywood University hosted. We did not run into any problems streaming the fight and it was a success! Thanks again!” Tyler Nathanson | Marywood University, Scranton, PA
  • "On behalf of the Campus Activities Board, I want to thank you. Our event went really well and smooth. We were able to capture a new student demographic to come to our events." – Malcolm Thomas, Campus Activities Board President| Nichols College, Dudley, MA

There’s no reason why we can’t do the same for your UFC College Event.

Why a UFC College Event?

Broadcasting a UFC fight is the perfect college idea for your student lounge, activity center or campus bar. It delivers an affordable and action-packed three hours of entertainment. Its growing fan base is very popular among men and women. The fighters’ likeable personalities rank the UFC among the highest-rated events.

As far as ratings and demographics:

  • UFC on Fox has beaten every college football game in the past with men 18-34, except the historical LSU vs. Alabama game.
  • Men ages 18–24 make up close to 25% of the UFC fan base
  • In a recent fan profile survey, 56% of UFC fans reported to be college students.

Make Your UFC Event a Winner

When you purchase a UFC College Event, you’re also acquiring the services of Joe Hand Promotions. Our sales team will help turn your UFC event into a success. They’ll share their marketing advice while providing a free UFC promotional kit, which includes multiple UFC posters and various UFC items.

College Event Ideas - UFC Fights

Ways to promote your UFC College Event

  1. Display UFC posters and flyers throughout campus
  2. Advertise on campus radio & TV and in the college newspaper and website.
  3. Raffle giveaway items donated by the school or neighborhood businesses
  4. Run a “Pick-the-Winners” contest with prizes donated by local businesses or the school

Don’t Stream UFC Events on Your Own

The last headache a college student needs is adding more debt to their growing bills. By streaming or broadcasting a UFC event on your own, you open yourself to a fine under pay-per-view piracy laws. Don’t make this costly mistake.

If you’re showing a pay-per-view UFC event publicly, you must purchase a commercial license through Joe Hand Promotions, the exclusive commercial TV distributor for the UFC since 2001. Joe Hand Promotions will deliver your UFC signal through your satellite (Dish, DirecTV) or cable provider.


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