Promotional Tips

  1. Use email campaigns
  2. Help protect your UFC investment by
  3. No need to wait
  4. Utilize free social media sites
  5. Keep customers
  6. Get extra swag
  7. Create a unique menu
  8. Find unique ways
  9. Paying early

Use email campaigns and newsletters. Both keep patrons informed of promotions and upcoming events.
Help protect your UFC investment by reporting anyone you suspect of showing UFC events illegally.  Going after an individual or group that pirates UFC signals protects the business owners who are authorized to show the event. You can anonymously report a pirate by calling our office at 1-800-557-4263 or you can anonymously report a pirate online.
No need to wait until 10 p.m. for the main event. Get the night started by showing the FREE preliminary fights on the Fox Sports 1 network. Also add the monthly FREE UFC events on Fox Sports 1 to your sports programming. This helps build your audience for the pay-per-view events.
Utilize free social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote your event. Post photos and posters and have employees tag or share with friends to help spread the word that you'll be carrying UFC events.
Keep customers in your venue after the fight by promoting "post-fight specials."
Get extra swag from beer reps, use restaurant gift cards or other prizes to hold drawings and giveaways the night of the fight.
Create a unique menu with drink specials and appetizers with UFC themes, such as Submission, Knockout or Tap-Out specials. Find a glossary of UFC terms at
Find unique ways to advertise with UFC posters and banners. Turn your establishment into UFC Central!  A recent focus group found the No. 1 reason fans hear about the fights is seeing posters during previous visits to bars and restaurants.
Paying early for pay-per-view UFC fights has its advantages.You gain more exposure for your business on the UFC's and Joe Hand Promotions' bar finder website. Customers enter a zip code to find the nearest locations carrying the fights. Results will include phone numbers so they can call and ask about specials or a cover charge. Also, early payment gives you more time with your personal Sales Consultant, who will help you promote your venue as "UFC Central" on fight nights.

UFC events are my biggest nights every month! I have been open almost nine years and do all sports packages and fights. UFC outdraws all events combined. It’s amazing! Also, I feel very fortunate to have such a great sales representative who has helped my way up and beyond what I am sure are your expectations. Thanks for all of your company’s help and support!

– Mark D. Wright, Owner | On the Mark Sports Bar & Grill, Fayetteville, AR

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