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Why you will win — What type of advantages do you hold against Golovkin?

"Well you know this fight is definitely happening at a time in my life and in my career where it feels that things are coming together and into a culmination of planted efforts that have grown. In a way things happen for a reason and now looking back I sort of understand some things and the reason as to why they happened.

"That being said, I have made a lot of changes in my life both from a professional and a personal point of view. I feel there was definitely a lot of growth in my life which makes me feel more than ready to seize the moment and grab this opportunity. You know the losses that occurred in the past made me realize a lot of things and I guess it depends on how you react to adversity in life, some people it breaks them and others it makes them. Champions are made I guess in these trying moments and I can certainly say I've had them like they say the best way to learn is from your own experiences.

"All of these things coupled with effort we're putting in on a consistent basis workout after workout, day after day, week after week, year after year, in a most consistent fashion, is one of the reasons why I feel I will be coming out victorious in the battle of the 17th. The bottom line to answer you most directly, the single-biggest reason why I will win is that I deserve to win. I've paid my dues willingly without hesitation or compromise and I will continue to do so all the way until we're on top of the mountain. There is a lot to be achieved, this is the beginning.

"When you ask me about what type of advantages I hold against Golovkin the answer is very simple, it is in the mind. A lot of people talk about power in my fists yet my life story will clearly show that the biggest advantage I hold is in my mind. It all happens between the ears and humbly this has been what brought me here so far, and this is what will continue to bring me further. I believe in my commitment to myself to do the best I can in every action that I take and not cheat myself.

"In other words, I am very determined. I never cheat, and I am proud to look at myself in the mirror, so to speak, and say I can be a model to my children and young people generally that follow my career. My biggest advantage is my mind, who I represent and what I represent."

 Golovkin vs. Lemieux takes place Saturday, October 17 from Madison Square Garden and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT. Joe Hand Promotions will distribute the event to commercial establishments.


To order Golovkin vs. Lemieux for your sports bar or restaurant, call Joe Hand Promotions at 1-800-557-4263 or email. To find a local sports bar authorized to broadcast the fight, visit the Venue Search on the Joe Hand Promotions website.

The commercial exhibition of pay-per-view programming without obtaining commercial licensing rights violates federal laws and is illegal. Commercial exhibition rights for certain pay-per-view programming cannot be obtained directly from a cable or satellite provider, but must be obtained from Joe Hand Promotions, Inc.

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